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Website Hosting, Maintenance & Security.

Panel Free

Servers are completely locked down.  They can not be logged into via a username and password nor does a user interface exist to manage the server.  We use off-server SSH management that require an encrypted key bound to any computer that needs access.

Software Updates

We manage your updates for you.  WordPress version, plugins, PHP…  with our servers you are always up to date.

Version Control

Our sites are setup using GIT version control which allows multiple developers to work on code without stepping on eachothers toes.  This also allows built-in undo functionality to go back in time if a mistake is made.


We set up our servers for both staging and live environment repositories so you can easily work on your code and deploy using GIT.

Outstanding Technology

We use a stack of third-party services to host and monitor your websites.  Digital Ocean, ServerPilot, Amazon Web Services, Amazon S3 to name a few.

Automated Backups

All websites are backed up to Amazon S3 redundant cloud storage.  External backups to your FTP can be set up so you always have a copy of your site!



Websites are secured using auto SSL service provided by ServerPilot.  Which means your web traffic is always encrypted from end to end.


Active Monitoring

Sites are actively monitored using a service that will notify me via email and text message if anything happens.  Not only do you have customer support but I handle the calls for you!